Kari the Bounty Hunter
Kari Is a character I created for a class assignment back in 2017 alongside several other characters. I quickly became attached to all of these characters and would draw them fairly often, but as my skill increased as a character designer and as an illustrator I couldn't help but feel their designs were lacking. So in February 2020 I decided to re-design them, starting with Kari.
My biggest issue with Kari's old design was that her outfit had a lot of parts that just seemed stacked on top of each other without a lot of consideration for movement or function. So my goal was to take the parts of the old design that I did like (the colors, puffy shoulders, jetpack, boots) and redesign them so that they made more sense if they were real, and were also more aesthetically pleasing.
Because I knew I would be drawing Kari more in the future, I wanted to give myself plenty of reference material to look at.
When I was done with Kari's new look, I decided to design her a space to live in as well. I used SketchUp to get the perspective down, then painted on top of everything and added additional details in Photoshop.

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